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Dr. Smith's New Book

Autism: From Symptoms to Solutions -
A Parent's Track to Run On

Book - Autism: From Symptoms to Solutions: A Parents Track to Run On

This landmark book is a must read for every parent with an autistic child. Jenny McCarthy states, "This book is an excellent resource, and I would recommend it to both parents and doctors who are working with autistic children."

It provides all the resources and information to understand and implement the Free Autism Assessment. Learn More »

Free Metabolic Type Test Free Autism Assessment

Autistic Boy

You can do your own online assessment of the various potential biomedical conditions that may be influencing your child's autism. Learn More »

Health Assessments

Free Metabolic Type Test Free Metabolism Profile Test

Take the metabolic type test

Our metabolism varies from one person to the next. Take this FREE test to eliminate the confusion of which vitamins are best for you! Learn More »

Comprehensive Health Assessment $19.95 Coming Soon

Take the comprehensive health assessment

Learn more about what alternative medicine practices and therapies work best for you. Learn More »

Flu Immunity and Treatment

Swine Flu Prevention

Learn How to Avoid the Flu this season. Did you know the herbal supplement Sambucus coupled with a daily dose of Vitamin D helps Boost Immune System during Flu Season? Are you looking into a flu vaccine or immunization? Learn the Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects and the History of Flu Vaccines. Do you have questions about the flu and would like to speak with an alternative medicine doctor? Ask Dr. Smith hes available to help you this flu season!